Last updated on October 22nd, 2017

[Psiphon 3 App Apk ] If you’re an internet worm, just like me, then you must be surfing a ton of websites throughout the day. Some of these websites ( or most of them ) open without any hassle, but some websites don’t open and return an “not accessible” error. This is due to the fact that those websites are banned by the government in that particular region or country for some reason ( most often piracy ). However, if you want to access such sites, you need to bypass these restrictions by making some tweaks on your smartphone. If you aren’t a technical guy who doesn’t know a lot about rooting and core level stuff, then don’t worry, I’ll break it down in the blog post. In this post, I’ll talk about how you can install Psiphon3 for PC & android device for access blocked websites.

Download Psiphon 3 Pro App for Android & PC/Windows – 100% Working

You can download the latest version of psiphon3 from this page. The download links 100% safe and working.

Filename Psiphon Pro
File size 10.7 MB
Requirements Windows (All Versions)
Languages Multiple languages
Author Psiphon Inc.
Last Updated 03-08-2017

A Brief Guide on VPNs

VPNs is the short form of Virtual Private Network, which refers to a technology that creates a secured encrypted connection over a network that less secured like the internet. It helps in re-routing your internet activities to provide security which the network it is based on cannot provide. The process uses the internet for the transportation of data. By incorporating encryption and security mechanisms a number of such networks could be created using different systems to ensure that the network can only be accessed by authorized users and valuable information cannot be encrypted by unauthorized users.

Psiphon 3 VPN

It can be simply explained as a tunnel built between users to securely transmit data over a network. The server either completely masks or hide your IP address and data or makes it look like you are visiting from the same location. The concept and uses of VPN has evolved drastically over the past decade. Initially about a few years back, VPNs were servers located within firms and companies which allowed the employees to access the company’s server from remote locations. At later stages the technology is widely used to hide user’s true online identity and in the last few months, VPN services gained further significance due to snooping revelations of NSA.

How Psiphon Work

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What makes Psiphon 3 Exciting?

Psiphon3 is a communication app that comes to be very handy when you want to browse something that has been blocked by the government or the ISP for some reasons. With psiphon for windows, you can access all such sites without any hassles. As mentioned above, the app runs fine on both android and personal computers. Thanks to the application, browsing restricted websites become a piece of cake.Download latest psiphon apk from here:

To break it down in technical words, Psiphon 3 is an app that is built by joining obfuscation and communication technologies such as SSH, HTTP Proxy, and VPN. The app comes from the house of Psiphone Inc and was made to rescue users who were not able to access websites due to pointless censorship and content-filtering being done by government or the Internet service provider.

Best Features of Psiphon 3 

  • Get access to any website which is running on the internet regardless of any restrictions laid down by government or your ISP
  • It is free of cost, which means you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to use this app.
  • User interface of this thing is quite smooth, the developer seems to have done a great task in theming the whole application.
  • The application runs in the background and lets you use it in passive mode, which means, that you don’t need to open URLS inside the application, you can just run the app and surf internet as normal.
  • Psiphon masks your original IP address, which means you won’t suffer from a leak.
  • You can also surf in their inbuilt browser, or you can just browse in the normal browser that you have.
  • You don’t need to worry about data overage, you can easily track your data usage from the app dashboard and the whole process is secured and encrypted.

How to Install Psiphon3 App on Android

1. Enable “unknown source” in your settings>Security> Unknown Sources. If you have already enabled it, no need to follow this step, skip to the second step.

Download psiphon 3 for Android

2. Download the psiphon3 APK from here. ( quick and direct )
3. Open the downloaded apk and start the installation process.
4. While the application is installing, make sure it doesn’t face any restriction or interruption.
5. Once the app is installed, you are free to use it without any hassles.

How to Install Psiphon3 for PC?

There are two ways in which you can install the Psiphon3 app on your computer. You can install it either through an emulator or directly from their official application. Both methods have been mentioned below.

Psiphon 3 for PC: Installation with BlueStacks (With Emulator)

1. Download Bluestacks android emulator. This app lets you install android apk on your PC and use them without any hassle. If you already have bluestacks installed, continue from 2nd step.

Download Psiphon 3 for PC
2. Open the executable file and follow the normal installation process to get the application installed on your computer.
3. Now, once the app is installed, download the apk file and locate it on your computer and double-click on it to install it with the bluestacks player. Now you can run it inside the bluestacks emulator.

Note: This method requires you to install an emulator. Use this method only if you will be using more android apps on your PC. If you are only going to use Psiphon 3 on your PC/Windows, it’s better to use the direct installer.

Things you’ll require to install without an Emulator

  • Internet connection ( duh )
  • IDM ( or any other download manager )
  • Psiphon.exe ( click to download instantly )

How to Install psiphon 3 PC without BlueStacks (Without Emulator)

  • Once you download the application, there would be a pop-up.
  • Now select SSH+. Once you select it, you’ll get a message that SSH+ has been connected successfully.
  • Now open Mozilla Firefox, and open network settings. They can be found under Options > Advance.
  • In the network settings, you’ll find a ton of options. Select manual proxy and set it to and 8080 as your port and save your settings.
  • And you are done, you can now browse anything without any restrictions. If you feel the speed is bit low, then try reconnecting once or twice.

Explore this Fantastic Software to Unblock the Website (Psiphon Windows)

Psiphon VPN is a free software, which can be used for unblocking the website. This has an excellent proxy switch, which can easily use for the blocked website. If you are tiring open a blocked website, then this software will help you to easily access the website. You can learn more about the software and get all the advantages of it. This is open source software, which will help the block website to access easily. This proxy server will easily get access to the several blocked website and unblock it. This VPN server can get nine different servers at the same time. You can choose the location manually and take the help of the proxy software.

Benefits of Psiphon for Windows

  • Sometimes when opening website , you are unable to get the access, this time Psiphon will help you to give the access.
  • With this software you can change the location of the website.
  • By downloading this software, you will get fastest connectivity to other network.
  • This VPN software will give you fastest connection and 100% effective result of unblocking the site.

You can rely on the free VPN software and get umpteen numbers of benefits from it. You can download the latest version of Psiphon3 free and awarded with the wonderful experience. This is available for the Google android and microsoft software system. When you run the software this will connect automatically to the website. This is the fastest way to get connected to the blocked website and unblock it relevantly.

You can join the site to know more about the Psiphon vpn and take all the information about it. You will get all the benefits of the software and download it free to get access to the blocked site. This will help to give you the fastest connectivity.

Important Points to keep in Mind when Using Psiphon 3

  • As soon as you open the app, you’ll get a warning message with “attention” title. If you get any such message, tap Okay to assure your faith in the application.
  • You’ll get to swipe left on the screen to get options. If you don’t get to swipe, simply click on tabs to open the options.
  • Always choose the best performance as your region and select “tunnel whole device” for best performance.
  • Click on the Start button and then wait till the icon shows up in the notifications.
  • If the application is working, you will be notified of the application and it will say “VPN is activated by Psiphon’ along with “Psiphon 3 is running in whole device mode’ after this.

What Does VPN Mean?

A virtual private network or VPN is a technological tool that is used commonly to protect the privacy of users, using the internet. It is a clever software used over public networks such as the internet to provide its users with the security and privacy that one gets while using a private network. Since the data transmitted is encrypted, it is impossible for others intercepting the data to read and understand.

VPN for Anonymity

As VPN offers anonymity, you are also guaranteed of number of things. By choosing the right VPN you can be worry free about someone keeping a close eye on what you are doing or where are you visiting online. Apart from providing its users with internet privacy and security, there are a host of other advantages also like prevention and security from data theft, uncensored internet access, unblocking ability for sites and shunning away data trackers by keeping the browsing history private.

VPN for Business Security

In business VPN is used to communicate in confidentiality over public networks. It is a great option for companies who have their employees scattered at different locations and need to share videos, voice or data over public networks. Many business houses keeps their highly confidential data, reports and financial documents on servers and makes them available to employees using intranet – a closed circuit network created and available for employees only.

Psiphon3 – FAQs



#1. Is there an authentic version of Psiphon 3 for windows?

With so many android simulators, a lot of apps just roll out an android variant and people convert it into windows version using a simulator. However, Psiphon provides a signed version of Psiphon3. It is not distributed as an installable pack. Instead, you get a single executable file which is signed by Psiphon Inc.

Your operating system will check this on its own when you execute the file. You can navigate to properties of the executable file and inspect the “Digital Signatures” tab.

#2. What user information is collected via Psiphon 3?

Psiphon 3 collects the following data.

  • Email request number for client download links
  • How frequently are protocol used, and the error codes that show up after failure Total number of upgrades
  • Page views
  • Session duration and session countries
  • How frequently new servers are discovered by users.
  • Total number of HTTPS requests
  • Total number of Bytes transferred
  • Client’s operating system

Psiphon claims to collect this data to know how well Psiphon is working, which of the strategies are effective, and which sites are popular. The information is also shared with their “partners”. On the light side, you don’t need to create an account to use this application.

#3. Can my Internet Service provider see my activity while being on Psiphon?

The data transferred over Psiphon is completely encrypted. Which means that your internet service provider can’t see what you are browsing, your uploads, and your chat messages etc. But you should keep in mind that this tool is not designed to be an anti-surveillance purpose. It is more leaning towards finding a way around censorship.

#4. What is “sideloading” and how do I do it?

Side loading refers to the process of installing an application on your device without signing it via Play store. This is meant for people who don’t have access to Google’s play store or that app is not available for their region in particular.

To install direct downloaded of Psiphon3 for android, go to Android settings > Security and check “unknown sources”.

#5. Why did my file name have a .orig extension?

When the application is automatically updated, windows rename the old version to “Psiphon3.exe.orig”. If you have any old files, they can be safety deleted.

#6. Why does my IP change so frequently?

Your app discovers new servers on its own. If the last server is unavailable, a separate one would be used instead.

#7. What is the default protocol used by Psiphon3?

The application uses SSH. Along with SSH, there is an additional obfuscation layer on its top to defend the protocol against fingerprinting.

#8. Why my connects keep disconnect?

This is usually caused due to an inconsistent internet connection. On a smartphone, it can be your signal being dropped ( which is again, something that leads to inconsistent internet connection ).

#9. Why is VPN Mode so slow?

Can’t I even load some pages? Some internet connections or networking hardware might lead to performance problems for your L2TP/IPSec, the protocol which is used by Psiphon 3 while being in VPN mode. If the problem persists, use the SSH mode instead.

#10. Psiphon3 not working after device update!

If your Psiphon is connected while you are downloading the upgrade, it might not be able to connect once an update is done. This is an android bug, what you need to do is reboot your device.