How to Set up VPN in Windows 10- A Complete Guide (2018)

[How to set up VPN windows 10] Setting up your own VPN for Windows 10 from various ways and the same is quite easy to do. You do not need to worry about how you can synchronize the same. As these instructions will help in doing it in just a few minutes for getting through the process. You can start the setup through the setting windows or through the control panel. The former method is said to be quite feasible and easier to install in PCs and tablets. We will here talk about these methods and its connection in windows 10.


To set up a VPN you need to know some crucial information to proceed.

  • The name and address of VPN server should be known to a user as it will be able to help you in setting up the process.
  • While you need to connect to the VPN server then username and password should be known to you.
  • You must be well-versed through VPN protocol too.

Quick and Easy: How to Set up VPN on Windows 10

  • Click start button > Start menu > Setting > Network and Internet


  • Now you will see some option on the left side, Click on VPN in those option, and go to Related Setting.


  • Press on the ‘+’ Sign that allow Add a VPN connection. You saw a screen as same as given below (Check Screenshot).


Once you locate a VPN provider in the settings then you need to select Windows default. A name needs to be given to the respective VPN connection. “If you have more than one connection, then you need to give a proper name so that you can distinguish between them.” As per most of the VPN providers they need a strong VPN to establish the network. While collecting the information for the same about the respective server IDs do ask the service providers if they do require the VPN connection name.

Under the Server address or name, you can start entering the IP address you have received through VPN service providers. You should always take care of the fact that any VPN for Windows 10 cannot be set up without the IP address or the URL of the respective VPN server.

Do check for PPTP as it is commonly used with VPNs, if you have some doubts about the set up VPN in windows 10 connection, then you can change the same to automatic your windows 10 will take the protocol for you. You can also connect without entering any User ID or password as you can enter them here while setting up the connection. Do scroll down below and there will by option from the windows so that your user ID and passwords can be remembered.

And you will find the new VPN connection under the heading of Add VPN button. And now your”How to create VPN for windows 10″ question is resolved. And once you create the VPN connection, you will find three buttons, one of them is reflecting connect while the other two saying remove and advanced. If you click on remove than the same will remove your connection from windows 10. Do remember these steps and instruction while you set up a new connection.