Psiphon- Bypass Internet Censorship With Android Device

[Psiphon 3 download] Psiphon is one of the open source application and it is designed for the bypass internet censorship. The application is developed by the Psiphon Inc. Canadian Company. In the world, millions of the people are using this application. The Psiphon application acts like hides the device IP address form website the user visit but the software not built to make the user anonymous on the internet.

It provides the user with the uncensored access to the online content. The software does not provide the internet privacy and it should not consider as an internet security tool. Anyone can download the open source software from the official site of Psiphon and enjoy the browsing without the block. Here you can get more details of the Psiphon app, latest version, highlights, features and others that help you to install the app easily.


About Psiphon App

The Psiphon is free software and it supports the android or windows device. The highlight of the software is that it used multiple transport system. It is specially designed to allow the people who are living in the restrictive countries to access the popular open internet freely.  The software achieves the using secure shell technologies and virtual private network.

If anyone protocol is blocked by the user then the software will automatically switch to the mechanism. The user has the list of the Psiphon services that add to overtime and the older service is blocked then the new server is connected. The system integrities are maintained with every user being signed to certify and the server providing the embedded certificates.

Highlight of Psiphon 3 APK Software

The Psiphon software is totally free and the paid pro version of the software is available for the Android smartphone users. It is open source and the entire applications are designed by the latest technology and it looks smart. The software work well and it is easy to use. The popular open source tool can defeat the internet censorship. It also offers the VPV option to the window clients if default the SSH option do not work. If your website is blocked then the apps send the request to the user through the email.

Psiphon Bypass Internet Censorship on Android Device

The Psiphon is free open source software and it is only available for windows and android. If you are the iPhone user this software is not available for your then lot of the iOS support perhaps because the software is targeted at the Middle East users where less amount of the Apple brand smartphone and laptops are sold. The Psiphon support to access the HTTPS websites and it allow the user to invite their friends and other people to use the proxy.

Today, most of them looking to use the Psiphon software on their smartphone because it is popular open source application. It equipped with own browser for Android device. The software has built-in adblocker that set to app homepage and it cannot able to change. You never pay for pro version but the app homepage contains advertisement banner. So some people paid for the pro version. The bypass ISP address filter and also unblock the popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and others. The software protects the data like photos, videos, document, and others in the public wifi connection.

Latest Version Psiphon Software

Recently, the company has released a new version of Psiphon software. The latest version software runs on the Linux and most of the people feel difficult to install on their device when compared to the other proxies. The latest version is designed to facilitate the large-scale operation and also blocking the resistant circumvention service for the people who lack Psiphon to install the advanced tools. A new version offer lot of the advanced feature that helps to improve compatibility with the complex sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and others.

Cross-platform and in-app purchase

The Psiphon app is lightweight and it can download and install only on the Android devices. It cannot support the iOS device. These days, a huge range of the applications is available in free but a lot of apps require the in-app purchases to work. The Psiphon is opposed to such apps so anyone can download the app and there is no any in-app purchase to select from that the user can enjoy huge benefits of this open source app freely.

Psiphon is the perfect app for an android device and it is used to block website like Facebook, YouTube, google+ and others.

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