Psiphon Review Latest [2018] – Gain Unrestricted Access To The Internet

Psiphon allows the users to access the blocked sites in the countries where the internet contents are censored. Psiphon is one of the amazing anti-censorship tools that are designed especially for the people who are living in the restrictive countries across the globe to access open internet content. Latest Psiphon 3 app is achieved with the combination of the Virtual Private Network (VPN), Secure Shell (SSH) and HTTP Proxy technology. Therefore, this circumvention tool utilizes the VPN, HTTP Proxy and SSH technology for providing uncensored access to the Internet content instantly. Psiphon user can easily learn the new access point and maximize the chances for bypassing the censorship. Psiphon 3 is the ultimate tools that are suitable for providing the free and open access to the online contents. However, Psiphon does not increase the online privacy so they cannot be considered as the online security tool. In fact, the Psiphon serves as the simple and specific purpose of granting the user to easily open access internet were the limitations and information controls are imposed arbitrarily within the country.

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Features Of Psiphon:

Psiphon administers with the multiple proxy servers so the users can easily stay connected with SSH or VPN connection. Psiphon has high-end technology that the normal VPN service providers do not have. Psiphon for Windows administers recirculate and churn service constantly with adding the new servers that are not blocked. Organizations could also realize that the users take high-end advantage of the proxy server-based on the circumvent network restrictions. This app ensures that the government or organizations could not keep blocking them. Therefore, every server has the certificate so there is no need to worry about the dangerous connections.

  • Free to use
  • SSH, SSH+ & L2TP/IPSec Protocols
  • Servers located in more than 6 countries
  • Apps available on Windows and Android OS
  • Fast connectivity
  • Stable connection

How Psiphon Works?

Operation of Psiphon is based on the sophisticated mechanism with the wide range of servers. Each server is monitored regularly and added frequently so that when a server gets blocked, there is always another to replace it. Complete backup features are enabled so no data will be blocked or deleted. When the user likes to connect with the Psiphon’s server, then it is necessary to use only embedded certificates for authenticating the user.

  • Psiphon has an amazing IP masking ability so that when the user is connected with the Psiphon then his IP will be masked using the Psiphon’s servers that are located in various countries.
  • When the user achieves foreign IP address, then he can access any site accessible in the chosen region

The user need to understand that the Psiphon should not be considered as the secure encryption tool such as VPN

Psiphon pro apk


Psiphon VPN Technology:

Psiphon is an ultimate App that is designed to bypass the censorship restrictions that are present in certain countries. Psiphon VPN employs protection against the surveillance of Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Government based on the internet data. Psiphon developers are quite keen to the stress and protection against the surveillance is not the main purpose of App. No promises are made for its effectiveness and it is considered as the anti-censorship device so it can be regarded as such. In fact, it is much more convenient to connect the Psiphon’s servers to the Windows using high advanced Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) or the Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) VPN protocol. In fact, when the SSH connections are blocked it offers the backup option and they are not available for the Smartphone users.

Psiphon As SSH Tunnel:

Psiphon operates the complete network of the servers across the world so that the App can be connected with the use of encrypted Secure Shell (SSH) with handshake obfuscation. Normally, the SSH servers are quite similar to that of the standard HTTPS proxies and they are highly advance than SSL/TLS. Psiphon SSL connections normally use the highly advanced handshake obfuscation and it aims in hiding your attempt in evading the censorship restrictions. Handshake obfuscation automatically strengthens initial SSH handshake in the system so that it would be easier to classify or identify all network protocols with examining the data to a transit of the static signature.

Is Psiphon Secure?

Psiphon uses the high-end SSH to provide complete security connection to the server. In fact, it helps to bypass all forms of the censorship. Many Organizations like the NSA and CIA have the tools to decrypt SSH so it allows to easily read all contents in the SSH sessions.

Psiphon particularly uses L2TP/IPsec VPN protocol in VPN connections and it is considered as the best security options when compared to others. Psiphon simply bypasses the censorship with letting the internet accessibilities in a much more secure way. Psiphon offers the SHA1 cryptographic hashes in Windows as well as Android Apps. In fact, it is considered as the weak data integrity when compared to the PGP digital signatures and provides the complete confidence that all downloaded files is not been tampered with. Psiphon changes the Windows Domain Name System (DNS) settings automatically to point whitelist of the DNS servers and while using Psiphon, it ensures that you do not suffer from any DNS leak.

Psiphon VPN Pricing:

Psiphon is the massive handy service to achieve a single goal in mind to help bypass Internet censorship as well as content filtering. Psiphon Windows version is completely free and it is quite possible to easily “sideload” Android as well as iOS Apps for free. Psiphon is a free censorship tool there have no service fees, charges or credit card information required.

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