Understand the Security Features and Drawbacks of Psiphon 3 App

Have ever heard about or seen someone using Psiphon (internet network application)? If yes, then you may have a chance to know more details about Psiphon and its uses. However, if you are a new one, then this article is completely for you. After understanding the usability and other things of Psiphon, you will surely urge to use this amazing internet tool.


psiphon 3 apk

Know about Psiphon:

Internet-freedom center Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto has developed Psiphon and launched in 2004. This internet network tool renders fast and easy to use VPN security and encryption service. Unlike tools like PGP, this tool offers huge kinds of technical tricks such as HTTPS and SSH+ instead of one particular design. Thus, it helps users avoid online censorship. The first version of the tool built around the model name called trust model. That means users had to invite someone who has already using Psiphon. However, the latest version has dropped this need. The most vital difference between Psiphon and other similar tools is that there is no availability of bulky software to download and install. Users can avail all the services online and even access the sites banned by the government.

Highlighting features of the Psiphon:

  • The internet network tool is designed to offer internet access to users in some countries, which has certain government restrictions and information controls.
  • It is a Canadian based censorship evasion internet tool and serves over 3 million users globally
  • With a unique and special set of protocols, it gives one-touch access to all blocked services and sites on the web
  • It offers different servers dotted in six crucial location of the world
  • When it comes to using blocking sites, Psiphon is the top choice as it is an open source
  • It is available for both android and windows devices for free without any monthly fees and other charges. Thus, simply download and install the app to use
  • It offers uncensored access to the web content through its integrated web browser
  • It automatically chooses the appropriate protocols to give effective circumvention

Mechanism used behind Psiphon unblocking:

Psiphon uses unique and elegant IP (internet protocol) masking to access instant unblocking. When a user connects to this tool, their IP is masked with any one of the Psiphon servers that are located in the chosen country. Once they obtained a foreign IP address, they are ready to use any site or service, which is accessible in the selected area.

How much it is safe to use Psiphon:

With the user’s feedback, Psiphon is partially safe to use but if the drawbacks of the tool are rectified, it can become more secure than ever. However, Psiphon uses various security protocols such as VPNs and SSH in order to ensure security. These protocols will assist hide your network traffic because it crosses ISPs network and en-route to its end. However, they develop some vital claim on their site and there is no guarantee of your private data and online security. Psiphon main focus is on accessing unblocking content so that it will not increase your internet security.

Drawbacks of the Psiphon:

Even though Psiphon offers so many benefits for the users, it has certain drawbacks.

1) It is designed to work on Android and Windows system so you will not use the toll on your Apple or other operating system devices
2) It is not at all designed as the complete anonymizing internet network tool such as Tor

When your network traffic is routed within Psiphon network (encrypted), nothing will stop anyone from identifying your device connected to the known Psiphon server. Moreover, these servers are constantly transforming and do not provide protection against the outside web traffic. Thus, the government can detect the user identity that uses blocking sites though Psiphon server easily.

In certain research, analysts found that this tool particular design could give a chance to middleman attack. With this attack, unknown users can easily access your secure information, which is flowing between two endpoints of the web. This can actually look like a secure connection but it is intercepting the flow of data.

The bottom line:

Therefore, Psiphon is a fair network tool to evade Government censorship and protect your privacy to a lesser degree. It is the best to use internet circumvention tool but it has certain limitations.

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